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Architecture for People and Environments

Ray Kistler, Matt Small and Jerome White have completed a multitude of successful projects throughout Southern Oregon.  Their projects range from harmoniously scaled and detailed homes to major campus projects for Southern Oregon University and local school districts.  Also included in the long list of projects are several new facilities for a wide variety of medical practices, many new and remodeled buildings for a diverse selection of commercial enterprises and an impressive array of ecclesiastical spaces.

With a conscientious focus on green design, Kistler+Small+White Architects have two registered LEED AP design professionals on staff assisting in projects throughout Jackson and Josephine County.
LEED registered projects in the Rogue Valley and outlying areas currently include the SOU/RCC Higher Education Center in Medford,OR (LEED Platinum Verification In Process), a LEED Mixed-Use Project in Ashland,OR (LEED Gold Projected Goal), and a LEED Homes Residence in Wolf Creek,OR (LEED Platinum Projected Goal).  

Architectural Staff:
Laura Blum, Interior Architect
Teresa Kellim, Licensed Architect
Paul Skelton, Licensure Pending
Tom Lamore, Licensed Architect
Kurt Erickson, Licensed Architect
Sierra Kistler, Intern Architect
Ramon Renteria, AutoCAD Specialist
"Design is an act of the lonely jump.  It is not something you can do deductively.  It is an inductive production, and you need different systems of thought."

Emilio Ambasz

"After 1980, you never heard reference to space again, Surface, the most convincing evidence of the descent into materialism, became the focus of design, and Space the essence of architectural expression at its highest level, disappeared."

Arthur Erickson

"The creation of art is not the fulfillment of a need but the creation of a need. The world never needed Beethoven's Fifth Symphony until he created it. Now we could not live without it."

Louis I Kahn

"The excellent planning provided by KSW through the design and construction process allowed Medford Water Commission to aggressively pursue the renovation of the Robert A. Duff Water Treatment Plant.

Their hands and methodology gave MWC the comfort through the construction process that schedule thresholds would be met and the construction would be completed on time."

~Andy Huffman

Construction Administrator, MWC